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Hey there, welcome!

I am Hems.

I am software developer by profession. I am originally from a small town(now a growing city) in Tamil Nadu, India. I currently live in Seattle, WA with my husband, T(short for Thiyagu). I am a fun loving, easy going individual. I draw inspirations from daily life and you can often spot me capturing those moments(My Instagram - @agoldentulip and snapchat - @hemsluvs). I love good food, small towns, gallery walls, and green tea. I dream of perfect hair, traveling the world, and ways to decorate our home.

Fashion is always evolving, and so is my style. I am on sneaker phase one week and opt for pleated skirts and pretty florals the next. The same reflects on my outfit posts on the blog. I try to link to the exact items i am wearing(its harder for me to do this cause i don't always keep track of what i am buying where, and they are often sold out by the item they come up on the blog), but i do try to link to similar products. So if you are looking for something and cant find it don't hesitate to write to me at agoldentulipblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

Cooking is something i have gotten really good at recently. I started cooking only after getting married and moving in with T. I have learnt quite a lot of Indian cooking and even some baking in this 3 years we have been happily married. T is a big help in the kitchen, and has been finding new recipes to try, and its been quite a fun ride. I will be sharing such fun and easy recipes here on the blog.

Decor or interior design always fascinates me, and i am constantly looking for ideas to change/brighten up our place. We recently bought a house, and are very excited to have our own little corner in the world. I am slowly decorating each room, and will share as and when i finish.

Travel(& exploring) is one infatuation of my adulthood thats probably never fading off. I was not much of a traveler during my childhood. But as i grew up, in my 10th grade(sophomore year in school) i took my first long vacation with family to northern parts of India, and seeing how its totally different from where i live made me learn and understand that world is a much bigger place. Once i started college and then working, moving around cities and visiting Singapore & Malaysia, i started to have this passion to see more, experience different culture, and places. So, as and when i am on my traveling adventure, i will be sharing some tidbits and pictures here on the blog.

All of my outfit pictures are taken by T(unless otherwise mentioned). Rest of the pictures are taken by me, an amateur photography enthusiast :) I am open to work with other photographers/freelancers, write to me at agoldentulipblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

To sum it all up, in "A Golden Tulip" you will find me expressing my personal style in fashion, cooking, and decor. I will also be sharing details about my travel adventures, local spots in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and all things life's been offering me lately. Hope you like what you read here and keep coming back for more.

As someone rightly said "Eat well, Travel often, and Love always".

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  1. Hey Hems I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Check out my post for the details! http://www.thecraftyfrugaler.com/one-lovely-blog/

    1. Thank you so much for nominating me, Melissa! Glad to connect with you!


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